More Coke - Script

More Coke - Script


Jesus surprises two people with gifts He picked out especially for them. The first person loves her gift until she sees what Jesus gave her friend. She rudely demands for Jesus to give her the same thing. She continues to demand more as she sees others walk by with seemingly bigger gifts. Jesus continually insists the value lies not in the gift itself but in His desire for her to have it. She refuses to listen. Jesus finally takes her gift back, telling her she won't understand what the gift really means until she looks past the gift itself.

Theme: Comparison

Suggested Scriptures: James 1:17

Length: 7 Minutes

Cast: 3 people (including 1 male)

Props: two identical gift bags, one four-ounce or eight-ounce can of coke, two twenty-ounce bottles of coke, two one-liter bottles of coke, one three-liter bottle of coke (may need to make one using a dark generic soda and the labels from two, two-liter bottles of coke), two chairs

Available in: English, Spanish

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