Trash - Script

Trash - Script


In this three-part series of skits, Jesus demonstrates His desire to take the burden of sin from the lives of His people. Two people meet Him and are faced with the decision to lay the trash theyve collected at His feet. In Part One, the guy and girl see Jesus. The guy immediately recognizes Jesus and throws his trash down. The girl refuses to have anything to do with Jesus. In Part Two, the guy convinces the girl to experience the freedom of getting rid of her trash. She lays it down, only to rummage through the smelly bags to retrieve her guilt. In Part Three, the girl comes face to face with how much Jesus loves her, at last finding freedom from a life burdened by sin and guilt, by accepting Jesus grace. This series fits nicely into a longer drama presentation but may be adapted to fit in a church service setting. It is helpful to separate each section with other skits or songs.

Theme: Releasing Your Baggage; Guilt; Forgiveness; Self-Acceptance

Suggested Scripture: Matthew 11:28-30

Length: three four-minute segments (12 Minutes total)

Cast: JESUS; two people (KAT and DREW)

Props: three trash bags filled with items to make them bulky (blankets work nicely); jar of guilt (unbreakable jar filled with dirt or something that looks disgusting)

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