Dirty Shirt - Script

Dirty Shirt - Script


A guy gets a brand new, white T-shirt from his mom. He shows it off to the audience, bragging, and in the process gets his shirt dirty. The devil comes to him and offers him things to take the stain out, but each thing only makes the shirt dirtier. The guy gets more frustrated and hopeless as time goes on until he finally agrees that the only way to make things better is to cover the shirt up.

Theme: Struggles; Clean Heart

Suggested Scripture: James 4:7-8

Length: 7 Minutes

Cast: 2 people

Props: clean white T-shirt juice box (preferably a dark color) shoe polish (preferably a dark color) rag mustard strawberry syrup white frosting bag (duffel bag or backpack) overcoat (large enough to fit over the dirty T-shirt)

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