Taking time to make time

Posted by Kat Smith on February 04, 2012

This week we find ourselves (or at least 1/2 of us) in California filming a few interviews with JCTV (the teen channel for TBN).  Laura and I (Kat) are working with John Schimke of 36 Parables to film a few episodes on Illuminate which is a teen program this time involving reviewing short films.  We always enjoy working with John and it's such an amazing opportunity to spread God's truth to millions of people across the globe. Please check out John's stuff at 36parables.

As we visit with old friends we are not only reminded, but kind of confirmed (by God's previous promptings) that we need to prioritize our time. The College and Career Pastor at my church gave an example of how to prioritize. She said, in our lives there are rocks, pebbles, sand and water. All of these things need to go into a vase, but the only way for ALL of them to fit is to put the rocks in first, then the pebbles, the sand, and lastly fill it with the water. The rocks are the things in our lives that are constants, like our job, spouse, children, church responsibilities.  The pebbles might be things that God has directed you to do. Maybe spending time with someone that He wants you to mentor, or relationships that you want to build to influence your life. The sand are relationships that are more like acquaintances. They aren't going to be in your life everyday, but they are still important. And lastly the water is the fun.  These are things you do to relax and enjoy life. I suppose these would be hobbies. All of these things are important, but they have to be put in the right order. If you have the water first then you can't put the rest in the vase. They must be in the order of rocks, pebbles, sand and water. So this week consider your priorities. Maybe you are much like me and have put a bunch of the water in first and tried to make room for the rocks or pebbles. It's only when we have our priorities in the proper order that we feel balanced and fulfilled.


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Hope you all are still doing new videos.Seems like not so much lately. We have purchased and used nearly all your videos in our worship service. Some a couple of times. They are thought provoking and very well done. Simple but highly effective. More please.

Posted by Dan Sadler on April 26, 2014

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Posted by Appliance repair Los Angeles on June 20, 2012

amen! we recently found some of your skits on youtube and have started doing them in our church. they are great and very eye opening! thank God for people like you who do as God tells them!

Posted by Nicole on May 06, 2012

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