The Winter Snow Melts

Posted by Kat Smith on January 24, 2012

We are in the middle of January and the weather up here in Michigan has been so strange.  It has only snowed a few days and the rest have felt like Spring. I feel like something is waiting to just burst forth.  So much so that even the earth doesn't want the winter to come.  Maybe God has so much for us this year that He can hardly contain Himself.  I smile, knowing that He is with me and sees the possibilities that today holds. 

We are getting ready to film more movies and write more scripts. We are excited about this. God has so much to say and we are honored to have an outlet to speak His truths. Please keep this project in your prayers! A few of us are also flying out to California to show a few of our films on a TBN program. We are praying for the outreach that this opportunity can bring!

As we move into 2012, our prayer is that God will continue to speak to us all and reveal Himself to us just a little but more.  May our creative hearts be renewed with new blossoms that come from being in His presence. 


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